13 comments on “My Fruit Salad

  1. Oh Anna, so many things in Aus are carbon copies of that which went on in The Mother Country, but I don't remember ever seeing Carnation Evaporated Milk offered with fruit salad. Sweetened Condensed Milk used to make salad cream for sure, but I feel wronged the evaporated milk (love that you even specify the brand too:)) never showed it's face around a fruit salad. I adore the aroma of Malibu, it's also wonderful the way you need so little to liven up a dish:) I notice you have banana in your fruit salad – how does this work with leftovers please? Never been confident enough of bananas to trust them in fruit salad, I am missing out am I?


  2. Coby, we never have leftovers of this fruit salad! But if I was planning on keeping it more than a few hours in the fridge, I'd probably leave the banana out. You must make it and try it with the Carnation milk (though admittedly, it was probably easier in the 70's to find tinned milk, than double cream, which is maybe how this tradition got started!)Xx


  3. gosh i never thought of making fruit salad so delicious, i literally tossed chopped fruit together in a bowl – serve! this sounds much better 🙂 especially the malibu….


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