14 comments on “Should I workout today?

  1. Oh wow! That's fantastic. Keep up the great work. I lost a lot of weight, about 30 kg several years ago through exercise and carb free diet. I eat what I want now, but everything in moderation, and exercising regularly I think is key. I feel so guilty if I don't go to the gym.Great menu there. Delicious and healthy too.


  2. Wow, you look like a different person…so much younger, prettier and fitter.Definitely great motivation to get my act together and join up on my way past a health club later today.Helen


  3. Well done Anna, I like both your pictures, but perhaps the second one more because you look more confident and happier with yourself. 🙂 You are an inspiration dear. xx


  4. You look fantastic Anna! You have such a healthy glow 🙂 And the food in your post looks really nourishing and delicious.I've recently stepped up my exercise routine (from maybe once-twice a week on the cross trainer, to 2-4 times a week doing Sh'Bam/Body Combat/Body Attack), and have also really noticed a difference! It's heaps of fun, challenging, and gives me heaps of energy. I've stopped worrying about the number on the scales, and just exercise for the fun of it!Keep up the good work! 🙂


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