13 comments on “What Keeps Me Going?

  1. I really like your blog and it has helped me to remember dishes I'd forgotten and then inspired me to cook some of those dishes. It's also not about being "glossy" it's about practicality and from the heart dishes that mean something to those of us that have a history elsewhere. Your excellent blog brings Cyprus home for me if that makes sense. So please carry on for those of us that smile when reading then remembering a dish we had briefly forgotten x thank you x


  2. So happy to see you back on board, From an Australian Greek I love reading your blog and also seeing recipes that have been forgotten or yiayia use to make. Ourania xx


  3. Who cares about glossiness in blogs? I think it's sincerity, passion and love that counts – well, that and good food, too. I think your blog is both bright and beautiful and I'm certain that it makes a difference. I've been struggling to keep my blog going in the face of demands on my time, but I'm still finding it worthwhile. I've always enjoyed your blog and I hope I will continue to enjoy it for years to come.


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