11 comments on “Food memories from Crete…

  1. I would probably be in a sugar induced coma and have gained at least 30 pounds if I went on Holiday with you. Everything looks so delicious. Greece and Cyprus are the one part of the world we haven't visited yet, your lovely family really makes us want to go. Thanks for posting gorgeous pics. Terry xxx


  2. Wow that food looks so yummy. Like Terry I think I would have gained a lot more than seven. Dont you just love the tomatoes so lovely and red and the flavour is like no other tomatoes I have tasted. Would love to go back to Greece again.Sandyxx


  3. Anna. I have not had a holiday yet..dont know if I will get one, but, I have been with you on yours every step of the way the lovely pictures, the delicious food and your delightful family have been such an experience…glad you are back home and that you enjoyed it all so much x Jean


  4. Oh Yum! Looks like you had a great time there! Everything looks scrumptious. I really want to try that bread rings, the chocolate baklava… you know what, I want all of them! 🙂


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