12 comments on “The funniest thing..

  1. Hi Anna ,
    Happy New Year. Happy to find your new site.
    This post had me laughing because I’ve been telling Master 13 and Miss 9 ” Keep your rooms clean! The priest is coming on Thursday. “Doesn’t help we are on school holidays in Australia!! I think all greek homes are doing the something this time of year. Ourania xx


  2. This place is so untidy I’m adopting the ‘pretending to be out’ strategy if anyone calls. I’ll never be blessed that way, I suppose. Happy new year.


    • Oh, I’m sure that’s not true! I’d have tried it too, but there was no hiding as the priests caught us at work! (We live above)


  3. Happy New Year. Congratulations for the move to WordPress. You will love it. Your new blog looks beautiful and your pictures are stunning. Sorry we lost touch but during the time I was writing my new cookbook I lost touch with most of my friends due to lack of time. I am leaving tomorrow to Cyprus (Limassol) and I might disappear again for a while from the blogging world although we shall stay connected on Facebook.


  4. Happy New Year and congratulations on your new home! Your Christmas decorations look lovely and it’s a sad thing when they all have to come down… Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year and I look forward to it every year… and the food spread look gorgeous too!
    What a funny story about the priest 🙂 Best wishes! x


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