13 comments on “Easy Step-by-Step Spanakopitta

  1. Anna, what a lovely write-up. I do like to ‘see’ things that I consider tricky being made (I’m not very artistic) – I like to ‘see’ in action rather than just the words. I have bookmarked this recipe and will give it a go soon – I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂


    • I’m like that too Jayne! I hope to do more of my posts this way, if they’re not straightforward especially. Do give it a whirl – I’ve edited the posts to make everything crystal clear.


  2. That looks so beautiful – I love it! I also love the wholesome dough you’ve used. I’ve only ever seen spanakopitta made with filo pastry before. I’ll have to try it – I accidentally bought two bags of spelt flour the other day, haha.


  3. Wow!! This is beautiful!! I saw the other day a recipe for spanakopita made with kale!! As that’s an ultimate superfood, I was going to try it – but I really love your step-by-step guide!!! I will come back for advice – thanks so much for sharing, looks fabulous! 😉


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