16 comments on “The Perfect Breakfast for Porridge Haters

  1. I want to believe you Anna but I can’t bring myself to try it again! I’m so mad at myself that I don’t love porridge or Bircher muesli. I love oats cooked, baked and toasted but I can’t do this texture. It does look so beautiful and healthy I’m sorely tempted to try again but I’ll need to give myself a stiff talking to first 😉


    • It’s ok! Lol. I understand! Of course, I’m hoping you’re like me – can’t do it hot, but can do cold and interesting….what can I say? There’s so much else going on (sooooo much!) that the oats are seriously well in the background.

      I’m still full and it’s been almost 4hrs. A record for me! And so much goodness in one bowl.
      I’m tempted to say one last try to you, but I’d be gutted if you hated it! 🙂 xx


  2. I’d love to see your ‘fiddled with’ version. Let me know if you try it.
    Oh and if it’s the milkiness you don’t like, perhaps soak in apple juice and leave out the yoghurt too?


    • I wish I could ‘do’ porridge, I really, really do….it’s so good for you and filling. But this cold version is the nearest I’m ever going to get Anastasia 🙂 xx


  3. Hate, hate with a vengeance hot porridge, love bircher BUT have never tried it with peanut butter!!! Can’t wait! Off to soak my oats now for the morning :-))


    • Yes, I had those thoughts too! Luckily it keeps you full for hours so at least you won’t need anything until lunchtime 🙂


  4. Ooh wow, love bircher muesli, but never think to make it. Now I’ve seen our recipe using peanut butter, I think I shall get some soaking tonight. Sounds wonderful, even though I love my porridge 😉


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