12 comments on “Step-By-Step Apple Delicious

    • Hi Kath, thank you, it was very pleased with it.
      No reason you couldn’t eat it warm, just that we seem to have creme Pat desserts cold in our family .


  1. Oh goodness me what a decadent pud Anna. It’s like a baked trifle – how can that be a bad thing? Hungry Hubby will love it. Thank you for the shout out and you’re welcome re: the name. I do love word play and naming dishes or blog posts is one of my favourite parts! We’ll definitely be having this down at the Apple Chapel when we next have company over 🙂


    • The family really enjoyed it Terry, especially my 97yr old Nan, because it’s not overly sweet for her. I really enjoyed making it, but won’t be making another for a while now….;) xx


  2. Anna, I just had a light bulb moment!
    In the process of making this when I noticed Jo’s comment, & remembered an old favourite from my school cook days.
    It was pretty much the same, but tinned apple on cubed sponge (and Bird’s custard, LOL) & was called Hot Swiss Trifle.
    I loved it so I am sure your superior version can only be better – will keep you posted…..


    • Clever!! 🙂 sounds good and less labour intensive!! D’you know what, next time I make it I shall try tinned apple pie filling maybe!


  3. Wow, a new favourite in our house! Really good, & worthy of it’s name.

    I feel honour bound to mention any tweaks when making someone else’s recipe – usually stick to the original first time but needs must, etc.

    Due to my love/hate thing with nuts (love the flavour/hate the texture…I know, weird or what?) I omitted the almonds but subbed almond for vanilla essence.
    Also no OJ, but as I halved the recipe & used 2 eggs I don’t think it made a lot of difference.

    The only thing I would change next time is a slightly larger dish, couldn’t quite get all the custard in & had to eat the last 3 or 4 spoonsful – yeah, the sacrifices I make…….

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    • Yes, mine too only just fit in Kath, I will amend the recipe to take note of that, thankyou.
      I must say, after seeing yours on FB, it looked absolutely delicious! (Apple delicious! ;))


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