12 comments on “Cypriot Stuffed Peppers and Okra Yiahni.

  1. I have to make those peppers, I love how you did a picture recipe 😀 😀 and thank you for the mention. xx


  2. Yum to the peppers! I haven’t had okra for years and when I did, it was in a volcanically hot curry from the local balti house when I lived in Canada Water in London. I don’t remember hating it so maybe I do like it 😉 You are challenging me Anna – first porridge, now okra! lol x


  3. The peppers sound absolutely lovely. Peppers are high on my list of favourite foods. Okra is a different story. I had several doses of badly cooked okra in curry restaurants many years ago and I haven’t had the courage to try it again lately. If I see it reduced in Waitrose, I think I might pluck up the courage to try again.


    • To be truthful Phil, it sounds like more people dislike it than love it and if I hadn’t seen it reduced I don’t think it would have been high on my shopping list 🙂


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