8 comments on “Easy Bacon, Leek & Cheese Brown Rice Risotto (For Non-Conformists)

  1. I love all of what you have made, risotto’s are one of my favourite foods, and I must admit lately I have just chucked the water in and left it as I have to be in that frame of mind to stand and stir it for 47 hours and to be honest I can’t see a difference, love your recipe. 🙂

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    • Ha ha you’re so funny 😀
      It actually did feel like 47 hours!! But it was worth it in the end, so, so delicious!!


      • Sounds lovely Anna but as Im not a fan of brown rice I guess it would work with long grain, tho’ probably not as nutricious


      • I’m sure it would Jean, but a much shorter cooking time and much less liquid.
        I’d use 1 cup of long grain to 2 cups of water, for maybe 12-15 mins.
        If there’s too much liquid at the end bubble away for a bit until it’s the consistency you like. x


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