14 comments on “From one obsession to another (Or, Sushi making for beginners!)

  1. Anna, this sushi is a thing of beauty, the photos are just stunning too. I can’t/won’t eat raw fish but I have really enjoyed the veggie sushi I have had before. Wasabi and pickled ginger always get my vote. Beautiful work x


    • I’ve made Nigiri with duck slices Jo, that worked well.
      Oh and the first ones which were, er, not pretty enough to photograph only had avocado, cucumber, chives and mayo as filling as my youngest won’t eat raw fish.

      Thanks, I like these photos too. 🙂 nice and colourful.

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  2. Wow! They look amazing! Well done! My husband and I went for a sushi course when we were living in Manchester and really enjoyed it. Although, never attempted it after! Haha! Great photos! 😊


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