4 comments on “Fasolia (Beans) Isia-Isia

  1. Found that very interesting Anna, didnt know some of that detail about the fasting, and i had never heard of the phrase isha isha being part of a fasolia receipe name! I thought I knew all things Greek, but clearly not ! So thanks for the Greek lesson today, and for making the fasolia receipe more interesting 😊. You have also inspired me to look into buying an instant pot ! Xx

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    • Ah, this is brilliant news! My first instant pot was the Amazon basics one, really great for the price! I upgraded to the ‘real’ instant pot and I do love it but mine seems to be more sensitive and doesn’t like tomatoes and thick sauce at the bottom so I have to add more liquid. Leoni made a really great spag Bol in Hers, where the spaghetti was cooked all-in-one, with the sauce! She said it’s the best spag Bol she’s ever made.

      I remember mom and Stede calling them ‘isha-isha’. It’s lovely how food brings back good memories.


  2. Yes food does bring back good memories, probably because everything we do seems to be centred around eating😂. Enjoying your writings, thanks for sharing xx

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