About My Blog

This blog of mine has mainly been put into a place as a kind of back-up for my family’s Greek Cypriot recipes, I want those recipes to be around long after I have gone. I want my daughters and hopefully my sons too, maybe even Grandchildren, to be able to come here for guidance as to how to make a particular recipe that they grew up with and enjoyed!

Cypriot cooking tends to be very regional and may vary from village to village and town to town, even family to family!

So, of course, these are my family’s recipes, as taught to me by my mother, who is herself an excellent cook, even though she left Cyprus to emigrate to England at the age of six.
They may vary slightly to any other Cypriot family’s recipes…..but isn’t that precisely what makes them mine?

There are times when I will blog often, when I have more free time than normal, but there are also times when my posts will be few and far between. I hope you will bear with me at these times and not lose interest, I could be busier at work, or on a healthy eating kick, or perhaps I just don’t feel I have much to blog about at that particular moment in time.

I treasure each and every constructive comment, or even if you have nipped by and just want to let me know that something looks nice (or doesn’t, for that matter!) I really do appreciate it.

I have taken the decision not to accept blog awards, though I do appreciate the gesture, it just isn’t me….but thanks anyway.

As I take many photographs and save my favourites, there are times when I will make a recipe, but use an older photograph (always, always of the same recipe, as otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair!)

Also, before I go, as a result of my move from Blogger to WordPress, it seems some of my older links may be broken, I’ve sorted as many as I’ve found, but if you find a broken link can you please let me know at annauk@sky.com.


I hope you enjoy your time here and will return again and again.

So, from my kitchen to yours……Happy Cooking!

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