2 comments on “Coconut Power Pudding

  1. Oh wow Anna! You are such a sweetie! You’ve totally made my day! (I think I’m still prone to lots of indulgences, hehe, but am trying to work the balance thing cos I don’t like the idea of strict deprivation diets!!) I’m not great at balance but I think (hope) I’m getting better.

    I’m in awe that you can do Body Pump so often – I find it soooo hard and get so sore the few days after!

    PS I worked out with a friend of mine at her flat tonight – we did loads of dead lifts, lunges, leg curls and squats… and then climbed up and down 4 flights of stairs four times with a 6kg weight in each hand. OMG, exhausted!


    • Well, you always seem like you have it completely Sussed to me! Total inspiration!
      I used to do an awful lot of body pump, I think I became slightly obsessed tbh! Ha ha 😀

      After all that hard work you need a lovely meal, complete with pud. Don’t forget the pud!


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