15 comments on “Apple Cinnamon Biscoff Muffins

    • In the UK- I’ve bought from Sainsburys and Waitrose.
      Outside UK, you’ll have to google I’m afraid. Good luck. x


  1. Lovely treats. Those biscuits are addictive. In parts of northern France and Belgium they seem to be a bit of an obsession rather than a biscuit. I’m still trying to get used to the newfangled Biscoff name, though.


    • I think I’m last to the Biscoff party! To be honest I’d rather call it lotus spread than Biscoff (in fact my jar doesn’t say Biscoff at all – only the biscuits do.


  2. That’s a great recipe for muffins isn’t it Anna? A great base to fiddle with. And I do love a good fiddle with my food! Beautiful photography as ever my dear 🙂


    • Was thinking to myself where does Nigella’s recipe end and mine begin?
      I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that if 3 ingredients are changed technically it’s a new recipe, my recipe, but it really didn’t feel right to not mention that it was Nigella’s recipe which inspired me.
      Better be safe than sorry.

      Would appreciate your thoughts on this 🙂


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