About Me.

Hi, my name’s Anna! 😊

I’m a 50 something cook-book and cake loving mother of four (Two boys, then two girls) who are all grown up now…and Grandmother of three,  gorgeous George, beautiful Jacob and cheeky Lucia. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my family round my dining table. Completely obsessed with all the above! I alternate the cake baking with the gym and healthy (ish) eating!
Born in the UK, into a Greek Cypriot family, I love that I can be at home in two such differing countries, both of which have food cultures to be immensely proud of. I enjoy blogging and photography. And Costa coffee. Not always in that order.
I have learnt so much by blogging, I find it very rewarding…it’s great fun!
I work many hours in the family business, so trying to fit all this into my hectic life can be quite a challenge! I’m a typical Cancerian – a real homebody….
I love Oprah Winfrey, nice stationery and reading! Also I’m a trainee hypnotherapist and psychotherapeutic counsellor.




6 comments on “About Me.

  1. You are great. I loved knowing about you and your family. I have always been attracted to cooking. And your blogs do really make me read more and learn more.


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