20 comments on “Peanut Butter Cake

  1. I absolutely love the photo of the cut piece you posted on FB today Anna as well as in this post. It looks a wonderful cake. Shame I’ve got a mountain of chocolate hazelnut caramel bars to get through first 😉


    • I wouldn’t exactly call it a shame Jo, lol 😂

      I have the problem (as I think you’ve mentioned before too) in that most of my pics are taken when the natural light has gone 😦
      The pic you like was taken today with lots of natural light.


      • Yes I imagined it was an “elevenses” shot 😉 That being said, the half of my house the kitchen is in grey and miserable whereas the other half with the lounge has sun blazing through the windows. Not conducive to a spot of weekend foodie blogging prep 😉


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