9 comments on “December ‘We should Cocoa’

  1. well… i have just been scouring the cookbooks for this challenge and my fingers stopped at this recipe… and now you've done it so I shall move on to the next one!… yours looks bloody good by the way… I may have to make it anyway just to taste it!… oh now i'm hungry for cake… damn… xx


  2. Chocolate + orange is such a strange yet oddly satisfying flavor. Kinda like salt + chocolate. Or chili pepper + chocolate. I'm never quite sure if I am loving the flavor yet I can't stop eating it 🙂


  3. I absolutely love this cake – it almost has the fudgy quality of a brownie, but that gorgeous bitterness to take off the 'how-much-sugar-am-I-eating' rush.What a perfect choice for this months We Should Cocoa!


  4. Hooray Anna, you made it. And this is such a great cake too. It took me years to get around to making it, as I thought it sounded really boring. Then I finally made it and it was a complete revelation – moist, fudgy and a delicious flavour. Brilliant entry to WSC. Thank you.


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