11 comments on “90min Biscoff Cinnamon Rolls with Biscoff frosting

  1. anything with biscoff – mainland europeans have used it for the longest time and call it speculoos – gets my vote! if you haven’t yet tried tried adding it to your favourite frosting you must. also speculoos cheesecake is TO DIE FOR.


    • Ah, yes, speculoos…..I’d rather not say something I don’t know how to pronounce properly! Biscoff is much easier. 🙂

      I haven’t tried adding it to buttercream yet, but I’m sure it’s amazing, same goes for the cheesecake.


  2. Oh, these sound SO nice and just a touch naughty. I still can’t get used to the Lotus/Biscoff names. The different names confuse a stupid person like me. I was quite happy when they were speculoos. I’m pleased to hear that you’re using cake release spray. I’ve been using more of that lately but I thought I might be criticised for taking the easy way out. (Actually, what’s wrong with making life a bit easier?)


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