19 comments on “Anna’s individual chocolate pudding-cakes

  1. I agree with Dom- your trials and tribulations for the greater good of all chocolate-loving mankind can only lead me to standing up and solemnly saluting and congratulating you and your quite, quite magnificent chocolate pudding cake! (loved the post!)


  2. This looks really inviting and 20 minutes isn't too long to wait, I suppose. I did try making chocolate puddings in the microwave many years ago – actually it was for a bet. I ended up with one that wasn't too bad – well, edible anyway. Don't think I wrote down what I did, though. I think I'll maybe stick to your method.


  3. Anna, I am infinitely confident that your tried and tested (lol how many times one wonders;)) is better than the really horrible rubbery concoction that comes from that microwaved version. You know how much I enjoy cooking your recipe….ahha, perhaps I can test it out on the family:D I'll let you know:D


  4. Anna, this recipe is just what I've always needed! Sorry for all the pain you've gone through; I'll try and make it up to you by making your recipe often!


  5. Anna, never compromise on your sense of humour… it gives you your voice and if THE PEOPLE don't get it , it's their loss!… now i've been checking the post every day and there's no pudding in it… anywhere… ;0(


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  7. I'm so glad you found the photo of the mug cake…hilarious! I've heard other complaints about it, too. But, on the other hand, your pudding cake looks fabulous…oh, boy, truly yummy.


  8. Never trust a microwave is my motto 😉 An individual choc pudding is a great idea – it leads you not into temptation to …errrr…. perhaps eat a little more than is good for one!


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